Webinar April 8th @ 2 PM EST

Two heads are better than one:

How Design and Development Create Stunning Digital Products

In an attempt to learn more about each other after a company-wide hack-a-thon, two employees decide to meet up on a weekly basis in an effort to bridge the gap in understanding of each other's roles within the company. One a lead designer, the other a lead iOS developer; together, they ventured out into the unknown.

Forging new words for snow and discovering they were more on the same page than they initially thought. In this funny but insightful webinar, Jaythan Elam and John Daub share some of their realizations about the opposite profession, their processes for overcoming pitfalls, and the amazing support they received along the way.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about:

  • The importance of finding the right opportunity/environment for collaboration
  • Highlighting the core value of curiosity
  • What mechanisms do teams have in place to encourage collaboration?
  • The importance of support from the entire organization
  • The difference between true collaboration vs. solo efforts
  • Learning to speak a common language
  • The human connection
  • Discovering new outcomes from the collaboration


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